Cheikh is a famous and virtuoso percussionist from the well known family of griots “Sing Sing Rythmes” from Dakar, Senegal, and lives in Zwolle in the Netherlands. He teaches lessons, accompanies during dance lessons and plays in many different groups all over Europe.

At a very young age he learned how to play different kinds of percussion instruments. In Senegal he was a percussionist in the famous ballet “Ballet des Dances Africaine du Senegal”, and “Goree mon Histoire”. With this group he went on tour to Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Swiss, Italy, and Norway.
In 1997 Cheikh permitted his residence in Holland where he played in Jaay Naffi, Deggo, Thiossane, Ballet Dom’u Africa (France) and Jalliba Wareba (Belgium).

As from 2004 he focussus on the family group Diop Percu Mama Fatou, and created a lot of interesting events in the Netherlands, like the Afrika 4-daagse Zwolle, workshop-weekends and lessons with talented artists.

If you want something special from a born traditional and professional African artist in The Netherlands, then call Cheikh.








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