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Senegal is one of the countries in West-Africa. After some time of flying to Dakar, the capitol of Senegal, the world of the unknown Africa will open up for you. A world with different ideas and habits.

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In the modern but also very African town Dakar you will leave your rushy and stressful world behind you, and you will enter a “timeless” world. There is no better way to illustrate this than by the saying: “Europeans have the clock but Africans have the time!”

Tropical fruitSenegal has a lot to offer. Always sunshine, a pleasant sea, the widest beaches, happy faces, proud people and a lot of tourist activities and places to enjoy, like, for example: Ile de Gorée.

Together enjoying the local dishes like: Tiébou dienn, maffe, poulet yassa, etc etc.
Adventurous exploring this beautiful country, watching birds while we sail over the Sine Saloum. Making nice long walks on the beach at the sunset together …

Getting all into the dancing and djembe vibe. This is what we want you to experience!



Workshop agenda

27/12 until 29/12

At the airport Yoff you will be picked up by Cheikh. He will bring you to your residence. Sunday 29st you can rest from your trip and relax. Cheikh will also show you the area and it’s surroundings of the place where you will be staying the upcoming day’s.

30/12 until 10/1

After we are finished resting from our trip we can start the workshops. We will dance on the beach so that we can take a cool bath in the sea afterward. Percussion will also be given outside with a nice view on the sea.

31/12, 1/1

These days there will be no lessons and so there is a possibility to go and take a look outside of Dakar.
You can also stay and enjoy the beach, or see more of Dakar. For the people who love to explore the local markets, searching for nice souvenirs for example, this is your chance!!

A few examples of things to see or places to visit are:

A fishers village Toubab Diallow. This village is 60 km from Dakar. Art is a central theme here (Dance, Percussion, Woodcraft, Sculpture). There are daily performances by the local dance and percussion groups.

The village Toubacouta is 230 km away from Dakar in the area of the Sine-Saloum and only 55 km away from The Gambia (for the people who like to have an extra trip). It is a tidal delta with low and muddy islands that are partly under water during high tide.

It’s also possible to visit Ile de Gorée, an island in front of Dakar and in recent history the central market for the slave trade. Many Africans went to the America’s from here.

A lot is possible under consultation, and a few days of rest are certainly one of the possibilities.

Île de Gorée Île de Gorée


On the last evening we will celebrate the end of the workshops with a traditional  Tanebeer (African neighborhood party).

This is the possibility to show everybody of that area what we have learned during our day’s in Senegal. And, of course, also to give you an idea of what an African Party is all about.



Djembé classes by Cheikh Diop, often together with his family. Dance classes by very experienced dancers of the family Diop

Daily schedule

 9h wake up & breakfast
 10-12h percussion for everyone
 14h lunch
 17-20h dance- or percussion
 21h dinner


Join us with this fatastic percussion and dance voyage to Senegal

Register now for this voayage.


27/12/2014 - 10/1/2015

 Price = €500 for 2 weeks



  • 2 weeks workshops
  • meals
  • transport to and from the airport
  • residence
  • excursions
  • airline ticket. You must arrange this yourself. The sooner you book the cheaper the ticket

It's possible to stay longer. Please contact Cheikh for additional costs and possibilities.


Vaccinations: Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio), Malaria recipe for 2 or 3 weeks. Mosquito-net, anti mosquito spray or cream, Sun block,  Diarrhea medication. Medication for fever headache etc.

More info and registration:

 Cheikh Diop: tel. 0031 6 36336917 / 

Registration is valid after we receive your payment of €200,00 on:

Also have a look on our video-page.